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  • Locally Founded in 1905

    Locally Founded in 1905

    NC Beta Chapter

    of Sigma Phi Epsilon - A North Carolina State University Fraternity

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Welcome to SigEp at NC State

Sigma Phi Epsilon is a social fraternity based on the Cardinal Principles of Virtue, Diligence, and Brotherly Love. Founded at NC State on March 4th, 1905, the NC Beta chapter strives to maximize the college experience of its members. While brothers maintain high standards of academic and personal development, the chapter also succeeds by continuing a strong social presence on campus.

Through the use of the award-winning Balanced Man Development Program, we look to continuously develop our members into the world's next leaders through a 4-year process. This program allows for members to stay involved and continue their personal development that is of vital importance throughout their time at NC State. If you are interested in SigEp check out our recruitment page to learn more about becoming a member.

- Chris Niemasz
Chapter President

Thank You, Loyal Brothers, for Committing $1,559,800

We are deeply grateful to the 157 brothers who have committed $1,559,823.88 to NC Beta:

The Second Century campaign. This generosity demonstrates that these alumni and undergraduates recognize the importance of ensuring the future of North Carolina Beta. Commitments are still needed from our alumni to achieve our goal and complete this major project. All donors are recognized on the below list but only those who contribute a minimum of $1,000 will be on the permanent plaque. If an error has been made in recording your gift, we sincerely apologize. Please contact Grant Buttram '93 with corrections at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • NC Beta Society

    $100,000 and above

    Fred E. Wilson '60
    Tim Smith '71
    J. David Beam III '72
    Brian M. Buroker '92
    Grant Buttram, M.D. '93
  • Caldwell Cup Society

    $75,000 to $99,999

    NC Beta Undergraduates 2012-17

  • Golden Heart Society

    $50,000 to $74,999

    W. H. Clark Jr. '56
    Charles E. Siewert '60
    In memory of
    Charles Mateer '58 and
    Bill Thornton '61
    Kelly Family Gift
    Robert ’77 and Stanhope ‘80
    Jeffrey R. Dugas, M.D. '90

  • Red Door Society

    25,000 to $49,999

    George A. Moretz '64
    Larry Nixon '64
    Carlos R. Williams Jr. '65
    Herbert McKim ‘73
    H. E. (Tony) Withers III '75
    Ronald L. Terry, M.D. '76
    Scott T. Idol '80
    Doug Bratton '82
    Lyn B. Conger ‘82
    James L. Davis '82
    James E. Allen, Jr. '84
    Jeffrey R. Garwood '84
    In honor of
    Bill Garwood
    Jeffrey W. Pratt ‘88
    Joseph C. Hines '91
    In memory of
    Roselyn C. and Ralph P. Hines
    Moore Family Gift
    Brad '92, Nicole, Kennedy,
    and Jackson
    Jeffrey D. Bernard ‘92
    Chris Meyer '93
  • Brotherly Love Society

    $10,000 to $24,999

    Chris R. McDonald '60
    Charles Jamerson Jr. '61
    Milt Williams Jr. '61
    Rick L. Moss '74
    William J. Black Jr.'79
    Kevin M. Robinson '86
    Jeffrey Pratt '88
    In memory of
    Chuck Jones '92
    Scott A. Goldenberg '90
    Billy D. Maddalon '90
    In honor of
    Christopher Horner
    Kent Renner '90
    Brian S. Pace '91
    Dexter W. Morgan III '92
    Kerrick R. Wilson '92
    Jeff Brock '93
    Clarence A. Fisher '93
    Kevin McCraw '93
    Banning Reed '93
    John P. Williams '93
    John S. Scott ‘14
  • Diligence Society

    $5,000 to $9,999

    In memory of
    Roy Harding '67
    William H. Thigpen '68
    Larry J. Talley '70
    William I. Allsbrook '72
    F. David Parrott '55
    In memory of
    Freddy Moore '55
    John J. DuPlessis '58
    Richard P. Westmoreland '58
    E. Steve Arthur '60
    Bill Garwood '60
    Vello A. Kuuskraa '63
    Tom Hayes III '64
    In memory of
    William Thigpen '68
    John R. Tankard III '64
    George L. Adams III '74
    David L. Hickman '74
    Buddy Bryan '79
    James T. Skinner III '81 Kevin J. Marcilliat '82
    Russell S. Berry '84
    Mark J. Edwards '84
    Lawrence W. Clayton '86
    T. Tolly Spence III '87
    Todd Lack '88
    Derek Duin '90
    Brett Rhinehardt '91
    Kevin R. Campbell '92
    Major Lackey '92
    Keith Thompson '97
    In memory of
    Chuck Jones '92
    Kenneth S. King '00
  • Virtue Society

    $2,500 to $4,999

    Don A. DeAngelis '62
    William S. Cherry Jr. '72
    Ronald T. Lindsay '72
    Dr. Gary A. Ludi '74
    Robert S. Bryan Jr. '80
    In memory of
    Vance Anderson '80
    Kent D. Crawford '80
    David W. Stewart Jr. '81
    Jim Gamble '82
    J. Rick Goodman '84
    Jeff Setser '84
    J. Wesley Wilkinson ‘91
    Erik J. Loesch '98
  • Red and Purple Society

    $1,000 to $2,499

    James G. Fitzgerald '70
    Vance Anderson Memorial
    Raymond A. Parker (’63 Pledged/US Navy) ’71,
    Mark C. Matthews '78
    Buddy Bryan '79
    Michael M. Wooles '79
    Robert S. Bryan '80
    J. Mark Trexler '81
    Robert L. Feimster '81
    Doug Bratton '82
    Lyn B. Conger '82
    Robert F. Mathews '83
    Steve P. Green '83
    Paul S. Carr '84
    Sheldon Smith '85
    Scott Coble
    Ralston M. Pound Jr. '42
    John A. Brockwell Sr. '57
    In memory of
    Dan Smiley '57
    Curtis R. Eure '58
    Eion M. Faelten '61
    James H. Frye '61
    In memory of
    his son, James K. Frye
    Don B. Waldrop '62
    In memory of
    Bill Biggerstaff '62
    C.R. Duncan Jr. '63
    In memory of
    William L. Johnston '62 and
    Joseph B. Middleton '62
    George E. Setzer '63
    In memory of
    Rooney Malcom '58
    William A. Thorn '63
    Tom F. O'Brien Jr. '64
    In honor of
    lasting friendships
    Mike N. Wagoner '64
    In memory of
    Miss Thelma
    Stephen R. Fort '65
    In memory of
    Wayne Lanier and
    Bill Thigpen '68
    Joel G. Hicks Jr. '65
    In memory of
    Wayne Lanier and
    Bill Thigpen '68
    Jack O. Watson '65
    In memory of
    Wayne Lanier and
    Bill Thigpen '68
    Herb LeBosse '66
    Raymond L. Martin Jr. '67
    1963 Fall Pledge Class
    In memory of
    Roy N. Harding '67
    William L. Ramseur Jr. '67
    Randolph R. Croxton '68
    In memory of
    William B. Croxton
    Clyde P. Harris Jr. '69
    In memory of
    Roy N. Harding '67 and
    Bill Thigpen '68
    Michael R. Sigmon '70
    In memory of
    Roy N. Harding '67 and
    Bill Thigpen '68
    Don M. Bailey '75
    Richard H. Shore '75
    W. Anderson Marlowe III '77
    Mark A. Roberts '78
    Claybourn H. Creech '80
    James A. King III '80
    Nicholas A. Stratas IV '80
    In memory of
    Rene Irene Stratas
    J. Mark Trexler '81
    Steve P. Green '83
    Randy Greene '83
    John P. Kendler '83
    Robert F. Mathews '83
    Darryl S. Baker '82
    Paul S. Carr '84
    Rankin W. Davis '85
    Hans Litaker ‘85
    Chuck Washburn '85
    Richard R. Hinson Jr. '86
    Russell R. Ingram '86
    Russell Miller '93
    Chad A. Wittfield '00
    William K. Gallimore '08
  • Others

    Up to $999

    Don Hudler, Ohio Epsilon '56
    Paul G. Clark '53
    George T. Brown '57
    David A. Heinzmann '57
    William McLaurine '60
    James W. Miller '61
    Jim Hooks '62
    In memory of
    Bill Johnston '62 and
    Joe Middleton '62
    John R. Booth '64
    In honor of
    the Class of 1964
    Frank Furr '64
    Michael N. Kokoska '64
    Larry W. Stewart '64
    Barry Lankford '65
    In honor of
    Frank Furr '64
    William E. Grantmyre '67
    In memory of
    Roy Harding '67 and
    Bill Thigpen '68
    Philip G. Kinken Jr. '67
    Charles M. Page '67
    Robert I. Parnell Jr. '67
    Douglas W. Curtis '69
    James A. Hinson '72
    Robert G. Reeder '72
    In memory of
    Charles Reeder
    Ricky L. Roberts '75
    Thomas S. Howick '76
    Charles W. Lancaster '77
    W. Frank Rose '77
    Mark C. Matthews '78
    Brad Coble '79
    Eric M. Hammersand '80
    Ken Caldwell '81
    Paul Bonesteel '87
    John Kehoe '87
    Christopher W. Blenk '91
    In memory of
    Charles P. Jones
    Michael V. DiPilato '97

    • Contact us

      Our Chapter House is located in Greek Village.

      NC Beta

      2313 S Fraternity Ct
      Raleigh, NC 27607
      Phone: +1 (704) 726-7680
      Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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