Benefits of Membership


The Greek Advantage:
Many students at NC State feel as if they are alone. Residence halls claim to provide a "home", but they really don't go far enough. Many students fail to complete college simply because of this feeling. Greek organizations provide friends and a support system during your college years. After graduation, fraternities provide a place to come back to, meet old friends, and share new experiences. Residence halls cannot provide this.


The SigEp Advantage:
With Sigma Phi Epsilon, you have the support group of 80+ of NC State's best and brightest young men whom you have chosen to associate with. In SigEp, the opportunity exists to make meaningful, lifelong friendships through sharing of meaningful, constructive experiences - not through hazing, harassment, or other demeaning activities. It extends beyond NCSU; Sigma Phi Epsilon has the "red door, open door" policy for all brothers across the nation - a great benefit from the nation's largest fraternity.


The Greek Advantage:
Less than half of non-Greek students graduate from college within six years. Greek students, on the other hand, graduate at a 70% rate nationally.


The SigEp Advantage:
Sigma Phi Epsilon at NCSU has one of the top GPA among fraternities and has been among the the top fraternities for several years, consistently performing well above the all-campus average GPA. An academic advisor, academic success plan, tutoring program, academic speakers, and thorough use of the university academic resources all help to ensure that SigEps perform at their academic best. When it comes to academics, we recruit the best, and we expect the best.



The Greek Advantage:
When living in a fraternity, a member will have a great opportunity to play in a pick-up game with his brothers, or compete in numerous intramurals throughout the year.


The SigEp Advantage:
A significant part of the Balanced Man Program is the "Sound Mind, Sound Body" initiative. By upholding this standard SigEp has been consistently fielding strong teams in all sports. SigEp was first place in intramurals last year, and has placed in the top three fraternities on campus every year for the past several years. Most of our members participated in varsity sports in high school, and several have been club sports athletes in college. Sigma Phi Epsilon's winning atmosphere and commitment to physical fitness makes it easy for all members to become involved athletically.



The Greek Advantage:
Greeks dominate as student leaders on NC State's campus. Greek students are leaders in groups ranging from the student government association to major-specific organizations. In addition to campus activities, our Greek organizations are organized and self-governed by NCSU students. Whether it's planning homecoming activities, building a web page, or simply helping on a community service project, you'll develop skills that will directly benefit you in life.


The SigEp Advantage:
In today's competitive world, business place a premium on people with leadership ability in addition to classroom performance. Our current members hold leadership positions throughout all facets of NC State's campus such as club presidents, student government representatives, teaching assistants, and many more! SigEp leads the way among fraternities in campus involvement. Sigma Phi Epsilon also offers the opportunity to develop leadership skills within the chapter by way of officer and brotherhood responsibilities. An important part of this is of course the Balanced Man Program. SigEp also offers a five part national leadership continuum for undergraduate brothers meant to transfer to real world skills.

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